So, what’s on my needles? Hedgehog. It’s beautiful. I can’t stop. Luckily for me (and my budget) it’s rarely available at my LYS, but sometimes… just sometimes… a fresh order comes in. I then proceed to throw all my dollars at the clerk in exchange for my new pet. The other week such an event happened, the only difference being that I politely handed the clerk my debit card, and literally ran away before I bought more than one hank.

I’m currently making some socks, and I can only say that everyone in my family is lucky they are getting any attention given how lovely they are turning out to be.

Yarn: Hedgehog Fibres Sock

Colourway: Oracle

Pattern: Basic sock pattern from memory. I often reference the Vanilla Latte Socks pattern by Virginia Rose-Jeanes if I’m feeling lost. For the leg, I used a Knit 4, Purl 1 spiral in Cecelia Campochiaro’s Sequence Knitting book. I just felt like something simple for my morning bus commute 🙂

Needles: Knit Picks 5″ double-pointed needles in size 1 US/2.25mm

I’m in love with this yarn line so much, It took forever for me to pick a texture for the leg. I wanted something that would really show-off the pops of colour, and would complement the beautiful dye job. And if we’re having real talk, I hate stockinette. So here’s some pics! What’s on your needles?

On the bus

On the bus


Closing the toe

dog and sock

Sparta approves

Lovin' this colour

Lovin’ this colour