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The most amazing FibreShare partner

Did you know I’m the luckiest person who ever existed? I’ll keep the chit chat short for this post, since the videos speak for themselves. It’s all about the parcel, its contents, and my wonderful FibreShare partner.

I’ve made a friend a million miles away in the South West of France! You guys. She curated the most perfect parcel, just for me! She got all my preferences bang on. And the generosity. I have no words.

The parcel

I’m sure I missed some things. I’m not gonna lie… An edit to this post may follow! But ahead of watching some unboxing videos, here’s a sneak peek of what to expect!!!

Tréliz: Two beautiful skeins of fingering/sock yarn

Peace and Wool: A selection of yarns and goodies from this lovely French Shop

Noro Yarns: Three squishy skeins of Silk Garden

Alexmade: Unique treasures from this Fiber Artist in Australia

Miss Knit Yarns: Another treat for the senses out of Australia

Hedgehog Fibers: The elusive and sought-after Hedgehog. Skeins in DK and skinny singles! I received some of their surprise and non-repeatable colours!

BettaKnit: Three skeins of “Love my Jeans”, a recycled denim from Italy

Other treasures:

  • Lace-weight yarn in mustard: Two skeins from a French shop.
  • Alpaca from local farms: One handspun skein, two commercially spun, but both straight from the farm.
  • Gorgeous handknit bag using spaghetti yarn
  • KnitPro needles: One set of DPNs, One fixed circular. Both AWESOME.
  • Fabric and buttons from a market, scissors, cards, notions, more and more and more
  • My favourite. A selection of Maxim’s chocolate (OMG yes) and other tasty treats including meringues and candy.
  • “Girly Time” package with nail polish, hand cream and soap.
  • Handmade sachets filled with pine and lavender from her garden. The whole box smells amazing
  • Handknits. Loads of handknits! A hat for Declan, fingerless gloves and a headband for me, and three pairs of baby booties.
  • Lots of love.

Unboxing videos!

I’ll just leave these here 😉 There are three of them since I ran out of storage on my phone (sigh. Too excited to plan) but maybe it’s a good thing…. At least it’s broken down into reasonable chunks for you. All I can say is Thank You Déborah, Thank you <3

Unboxing Part One

Unboxing Part Two

Unboxing Part 3 – The Finale!

I hope you enjoyed my little videos! There are mistakes, but whatev. Yay! FibreShare! Follow all the excitement about #FibreShare on Instagram.


  1. I can’t wait to click through all these links. What an incredible package! I love discovering new things. You’ve made me want to try Fibre Share next year.

    • heatheroconnell

      November 30, 2016 at 11:22 am

      Ramona! You should! Definitely check out the hashtag too to see all the other parcels people have been getting. Some big, some small, but all filled with love 🙂

  2. Lol! I totally watched everything! I loved watching you open that amazing box. I’m starting to gain insight on why kids love watching those weird YouTube videos of other kids opening and playing with toys. Haha


    • heatheroconnell

      December 4, 2016 at 7:54 pm

      Haha, Thanks Krystal! I agree. Why my kid insists on watching someone open a million “surprise” eggs is beyond me. But…yaaarrrnnns! Ha! Thanks for watching 🙂

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