This is exciting. I have a great deal of respect for people who:

A) Have “free time”, and

B) Do something productive with it.

When I have free time, it is generally wasted. Until I realized that my knitting is actually productive. Not only in the physical reality of creating something tangible, but also as an exercise in mental productivity. A great deal of my time knitting is also used for personal reflection. Sometimes I work through problems, or make plans, or take a moment to simply reflect on life’s tiny moments that might otherwise be immediately forgotten. And sometimes, I draft little anecdotes in my head that are never put down on paper/


Ryan’s doomed sweater

All this to say, when I used to think about people who ended their work day by sitting down at home and “working on a blog”, I just couldn’t figure it out. That’s just too productive! But hey, let’s go for it. What better way to document my little adventures in knitting, than by actually sitting down and….well…documenting it. Great!

For one, I’ve been finding some amazing treasures in flea markets and garage sales. They are so good in fact, that I really can’t wait to start sharing them with you. I have also compiled a rather ridiculous number of vintage knitting patterns, simply because I find the pictures amusing.

I’m ready to start immortalizing my finds, my thoughts, and the various stages of my knitting projects (yay?).

Thanks for joining me. I’m going for it.