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Holiday gifting (fail)

Happy Holidays! I do hope 2015 was good to you. And if it wasn’t, then good riddance, and welcome 2016!

You know, I had huge plans this year. Huge crafty gifting plans. I normally try, and sometimes succeed, but usually I end up with far fewer completed projects than planned. I wish I had a better excuse, but it really boils down to nothing but poor time management. In other words, being an adult and actually (gasp) managing your time.

This time I was pretty confident I wouldn’t fail. Here I went, bragging around the office that I was totally ready and had all  my materials prepped and ready to go. But Dec 2 turned into Dec 9. Insert a nasty cold I caught that essentially turned me into a wandering pile of mush. Enter December 22. Um, how did this happen exactly? If it hadn’t been for the fact that I also traditionally overbuy at this time of year, my family would all have a bunch of beautiful IOUs to start off 2016. Sigh.

So I hung my head in shame, and arrived at my family Christmas events with a pleasant selection of mass-produced treasures that I was still pretty excited about. We had a wonderful Christmas, but it wasn’t until I got home that I truly realized the irony of it all. I have three sisters and a sister-in-law, and each and every one had something thoughtful and handmade to give. I was the odd man out. Apparently I missed the memo: 2015 was the year of everything handmade. Seriously.

  • My wonderful sister-in-law crocheted a cozy tuque that I just love, and makes me wish I could crochet.
  • One sister gave homemade canisters of Beer Bread mix. Just add a beer and you’re done! Including the loaf pan? Sister, you really planned this shit out.
  • Another gave out homemade fudge. FUDGE! And in several flavours! What the heck?! So organized and thoughtful. (Not pictured. Om Nom Nom.)
  • The last gifted the most beautiful mittens. One pair for each sister! Ummm, wut. I’ve barely taken them off, except maybe to read my new subscription to PomPom magazine *drool on the cover*.

In addition, my coworker knit an ornament for (get this….) every single person on our team. And I couldn’t even get one gift out the door. Just a bunch of half-completed nonsense around my home.


HatOrnamentThere is a silver lining to all of this. I can now say I’m ahead of the curve for birthdays this year. Yesssssss.

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