I have far too many projects on the go. I’m sure some have more, some have less, but let’s be real. This baby comes in six weeks, and for each and every one of these projects, I have proclaimed aloud “I need to finish this before the baby comes, otherwise it will never get done!”. I have six weeks left. There is no WAY I’ll get it all done.

Project #1: 28Thirty by Sarah Moore

This is an amazing sweater being knit with Fleece Artist River. I put this down in November 2016 after re-knitting one sleeve. I prefer a fitted sleeve so had to do some math *gah*, and then I put it down with one sleeve to go. How silly! Pick up that sweater, girl, and finish it! I could even wear it this spring with a new baby in tow. Orrrrrr it can sit in a project bag. Whatev.

Project #2: Vertices Unite by Stephen West

This shawl is so exciting. I picked-out all five colours, which involved going through my stash, putting things side by side, hand-drawing and colouring sketches, and acquiring what was missing. Now I just need to sit down and knit it! It’s such a relaxing knit right now, and I have a brand new Lykke fixed circular to do the job. Go knitting go!

Project #3: Petit Jardin Bunting by Holli Yeoh

Ok, now THIS I really need to finish before baby comes. It’s going in his room! If it’s not done, I’ll be totally boned. And it will sit in a box and never see the light of day again. Efffff. Gotta finish that one.

Project #4: Vintage Fairy Lights by Helen Stewart

I fell in love with this sock pattern the moment I saw it, and I knew exactly which yarn I would use. The minute I cast-off one pair of socks, these went right on the needles! I’m only past the “fairy lights” segment on the first sock but I am ADDICTED. This pattern is fab and easy to memorize. Buuuuut. I just acquired a new ball of self-striping and have another pair of socks in mind. To cast-on or not, that is the question.

Anywhoodle, short post for today, but more to come!!! Bye for now 🙂