So, as it happens, I offer knitting lessons on the side. It’s partly for fun, and it throws a few bucks my way. But mostly, I just genuinely enjoy sharing knitting with others. One day I received a request, not for lessons, but for a favor of sorts: A repair.

Now, I’m not in the business of doing repairs. Just ask Ryan (the husband) and his growing pile of mending! But this time I couldn’t say no. An older couple had just adopted a puppy, and of course it found something of sentimental value to chew on. I felt so badly for them I immediately agreed, but for the record, let me clarify how much I dislike……. knitted dolls. I find them rather creepy. I can’t help it.


So here he is with one foot missing.

I inspected him carefully.

I found some information on the pattern, and as it turns out, this dude is a product of Jean Greenhowe Designs! The Scarecrow Family, to be exact.

dollsAnd hey, would you believe we had not one, BUT TWO MORE in the house?!? It was fate. And a little more creepy.

He was right at home. But that foot?! What an unfortunate injury. I carefully dissected the damaged portion. I was luckily able to salvage the original foot shaping and nearly all the green I’d never be able to match. Instead of buying  a whole skein for a measly 140 stitches, I hassled a go
od friend (thanks Shannon!) and stole some from her stash. It was a perfect match. Hooray!

Surgery complete. And free of charge <3  Goodbye lil’ guy. At least we still have two more in the house.