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For Christmas 2016, I decided to knit my mother a special pair of socks. She taught me to knit, and I’ll always treasure that gift. She’s such an amazing person.  Around the same time, Tin Can Knits was hosting a hackathon, where knitters were encouraged to take any TCK pattern, and personalize it with some kind of “hack”. I was already planning on using the Rye pattern anyway, so I said “hey why not?!” and submitted my final knitted socks into the hackathon.

The socks

It wasn’t a difficult hack, all things considered. Primarily, I adjusted the gauge to knit the socks in fingering weight instead of worsted (as the original pattern called for). Sticking to standard sock construction for 56 sts, almost no math was involved, apart from determining how many stitches I needed for the garter panel.

As for the heel, I used a Fair Isle snowflake pattern that fit within a 23-stitch square. This became my heel flap. I ensured proper yarn management to eliminate any lengthy floats, which also ensured the heel would be durable. I paid close attention to my tension so the snowflake wouldn’t be too tight or uncomfortable as a heel flap!

Apart from the heel flap and stitch count, I followed the pattern as written.

And the yarn? OMG you guys. I’ll be posting a yarn review soon, but you should really check out @knitleyroad on Instagram, or visit Knitley Road on Etsy. She was so generous to gift me this yarn as part of #getyouryarnwishesgranted which takes place on Instagram during the holiday season, and the colours just spoke to me. It was a delight to work with. Check back soon for a yarn review!

The results

1: Honourable Mention in the TCK Hackathon! You can find these socks, and all the other winners, on TCK’s #TCKhackathon2016 Roundup blog post! I just loved seeing everyone’s hacks.

2: Modification Monday selection with Knitted Bliss! I love this blog, and Julie always finds such neat mods to highlight each week. Don’t follow her? You should!

3. Most importantly, I loved making these for my mother, and I hope she loves them. I think she did. Giving her something special and handmade was my #1 goal. Everything else is gravy. Delicious, awesome gravy, but you know what I mean.

Thanks for following along on this hack adventure! I wonder where else these socks will go? I love you Mom!