I love trying new products. This particular one received an endorsement from Shark Tank too, to which my advertising-susceptibility caused me to jump at the chance to try it. In my previous post, I recounted the sad tale of Ryan’s Sweater. Today I’ll give you my review of the product that in part, saved my sanity: Unshrinkit.

How is it supposed to work? Dump the bottle in a gallon of warm water, and leave your item(s) to soak for 30 minutes. Rinse. Stretch back to shape. Block it and lay flat to dry. That’s it! I was very skeptical, but I shelled-out $25 to give it a try. (I must also give my sister Cheryl full credit, since I had never even heard of this miracle worker until she mentioned it.)

I followed the instructions word for word. It worked! Sort of.

The results



Before using Unshrinkit, Ryan’s Sweater measured just under 30” long. After using UnShrinkit, the sweater was nearly 32”. That’s two full inches of sweater I didn’t have to re-knit! That doesn’t sound like much, but 2” makes a big difference for a sweater of this size.

Based on the fact that math is real, there is no denying: the product works. Buuuut, there’s a couple of things to tell you about it:

  • #1 Pro: As promised, it does relax the fibers. After it has soaked, your knitted garment should stretch out much more easily than before! Before using UnShrink it, I had tried to stretch Ryan’s sweater to no avail. I certainly didn’t get 2” of my life back.



  • #1 Con: It smells bad. I don’t know if it was a reaction with the fiber or the dye in my sweater, or if it’s a personal thing, but I legitimately loathed the smell. I can’t even describe it, other than 100 old socks maybe, or like I accidentally let a variety of wet pets into the steam bath. There also appears to be an attempt to cover the smell with some sort of “clean laundry” scent, but alas, they were unsuccessful. Again, you might be all like: “This is lovely. Can I buy this in air freshener form?” But if this is you, we really can’t be friends.

So in the end, I recommend it. It worked enough on Ryan’s sweater, and it was easy to use. I also believe it would work better on a sweater that has simply shrunk, instead of one that had utterly felted. Despite my issues with the smelly stuff, if it saves your garment, it’s a win. Now go forth and Unshrink your stuff!

Note: I was not paid to endorse or promote Unshrinkit. These opinions are my own. If it does not work for you, I will not be held accountable! The review above was based off a singular event, and no attempt has been made to repeat my success.